Let Houston’s catering crew bring the party to you.

Planning a simple soiree? Or a full-blown fiesta? Whatever your whim, we’ll cater to it, whether you’re gettin’ hitched or headed over the hill. We know the best way to commemorate a good time is with a great meal—so just say when, where, who and how many, and we’ll cater a party within your means and without hassle. That means servers, slicers, silverware, table skirts—we handle the setup to the cleanup. You just dream up—and then eat up.

Corporate Events

Think outside the cube: the best way to brighten a boardroom (and butter up your boss) is with a spread of Goode Company’s corporate catering. Try kicking off your conference with a BBQ or fajita meat-and-greet, and leave an impression no handshake can ever compete with.

Holiday Parties

Spread the Goode cheer throughout the whole year. Light the sparklers. Raise the flag. Deck the halls. And set the table. Better yet, let us do it. When the holidays come around, we know one less to-do list makes one much more merry. So start the yuletide season with a few mirthful mouthfuls, or have us go the whole hog for the Fourth (literally). Red snapper, white wine, green chili empanadas—we’re here year-round to make each season brighter.


Say “I Do” to some Goode BBQ (and prime rib, smoked salmon, shrimp cocktail, mesquite fajitas…). Secure newlywed bliss with our wedding catering services—and an atmosphere rivaled only by the bride’s radiance. We offer cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and buffet-style spreads as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. Guests will find full plates, a fuller dance floor, and a bride and groom happy to be toasted Texas-style.


Our pomp, your circumstance, and a few heaping platters of Goode BBQ will have you trading your tissues for napkins quicker than you can say cum laude. Our graduation catering offers an array of big-day delights, from prime rib to pralines. You might even consider a pre-ceremony soiree to start the celebrations with a light breakfast banquet. Hats off either way to the grad and the party planner—it’s a home-cooked meal he won’t soon forget.

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