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Wow Your Guests with a Breakfast Event

Catering for a breakfast event


Feeling a bit ho-hum about hosting a dinner party? Want to do something unique and memorable and hop onto one of the hottest trends in catering and event planning?

If so, consider a breakfast or brunch event. These fun, creative events bring a multitude of advantages over their more traditional counterparts.

Breakfast events provide a feast for the senses.

Breakfast events help your guests start the day with a smile, even if they aren't morning people. The scent of chuck wagon style coffee will draw them to the table, and they'll wrap their hands around a cup of liquid warmth.

Soon, they'll feast on a bright, beautiful plate of migas, or a hearty plate of huevos con papas y chorizo; dishes that delight the senses with authentic Texas tastes.

Of course, the food at dinner events is equally amazing. But when you're serving up a cornucopia of delights first thing in the morning, you'll find that your guest's level of appreciation is higher. Every smell and taste is sharper and clearer. It can make a big difference!

Breakfast events get people ready for what's next.

Everything about a catered breakfast event says: "Sit up. Take notice. Today's going to be something special." As a result, no matter what you want your event to accomplish, breakfast catering is an amazing way to make it happen.

Soon, all of your guests will be talking and relaxing as they anticipate the day ahead. If you're hosting a corporate event, they'll be ready for that speaker or prepared for long hours of brainstorming.

If this is a bridal brunch, your guests will feel calm and relaxed as they travel back to their homes, having started the festivities on a high note.

If this is a church event, you'll launch into the spiritual business of the day knowing nobody has an empty stomach to distract them.

Breakfast events give you some flexibility.

People pile a lot of expectations onto a formal dinner or luncheon. Breakfast, by contrast, allows you plenty of freedom.

Want something casual? Nobody's going to think twice about it. You can even use disposable plates and forks at a breakfast event! Your guests are usually going to be so blown away by the fact that breakfast is actually being catered that they won't need a lot of trappings to feel some real excitement about what's going on. They're going to be way more focused on the food than they might be at an evening event.

That means the food has to be top-notch. No shortcuts here. Fresh ingredients, incredible tastes, and on-site service are the way to go.

Of course, you can take things in the opposite direction too. If you do complement all of this amazing food with beautiful china and crisp table settings, then you're going to make your guests feel like they're sitting in the lap of luxury. Trust us, every elegant touch seems ten times more impressive at the breakfast table!

Want to see a gamut of breakfast event options? Check out this Pinterest board for some ideas.

Breakfast catering can be cost-effective.

If you're a corporate event planner, your boss will love you for being smart enough to target breakfast. Thrifty mothers of the bride will be pretty happy too. Hosting a breakfast event is one of the easiest ways to cut costs.

As mentioned, you can cut back the decor a little bit. You can also reduce your venue costs. Nobody expects a banquet hall when you're serving breakfast. Everyone will be perfectly happy in a church fellowship room, a conference hall, your local community center or even your own home.

Even the food is a little bit less expensive. For example, some of our dinner options start at $20 a plate. Our breakfast options, by contrast, start at $10.95 a plate.

We work hard to make your breakfast event truly exceptional.

If you just wanted to feed everyone and let them get on with their day, you'd get donuts. But you're going to do better than that, so the catering company you choose really matters.

Fortunately, we're here to help you put on an event which will create lifelong memories.

So let stale pastries become a thing of yesterday's nightmares. When you have us cater your breakfast event, you'll hear the crack of fresh eggs as we start scrambling up your migas right on site. Your eyes will widen with pleasure as you bite into a freshly warmed tortilla. The smell of sausage, prepared to perfection, will make your mouth water until you finally take your first spicy, savory bite.

You'll sip on juices which have been hand-squeezed at the drink bar. Don't think you have to limit yourself to orange juice, either. We can delight your guests with unexpected offerings like watermelon juice, Mexican-style juices or grapefruit juice.

And hey, it's 5:00 somewhere. If you're throwing a bridal shower or other celebration, you might even take advantage of our alcoholic offerings. Call for a toast with a Mimosa in hand. Or let your guests make it their way at our Bloody Mary bar.

No matter which options you choose, your guests will walk out of your breakfast event with relaxed, satisfied looks on their faces. You'll be the hero of the hour. We take care of every last detail to make your breakfast event a big success.

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