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Become a Barbeque Boss with These Simple Tips

Become a Barbeque Boss


Thinking of serving barbeque at your next event?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to get barbeque wrong. Getting it wrong means a lot of hungry, grumpy, dissatisfied guests, and nobody wants that. Follow these simple tips to make sure that your next barbeque event leaves everyone stuffed and happy the way God intended.

Don’t try to do it yourself.

If you’re hosting a wedding shower, a baby shower, an engagement party or another big event then you’ve got plenty to worry about. Do you really want to worry about whether the stove is clean? Do you want to race back and forth to see if something is burning while trying, in turn, to greet your guests? Will you feel resentful if you’re stuck in the kitchen while everyone is out having fun?

Here’s a simple solution: order barbeque delivery instead. We will take care of that hassle and legwork for you. We’ll show up with the food so you can stick to the fun stuff, like decorating your venue and entertaining your guests. You won’t even have to mess around with traffic or grocery shopping. Just choose your package, choose your meats, and get ready to have just as much fun as all of your guests.

Order from bona fide barbeque masters.

Your event will be most mediocre if you order a bunch of barbeque from the grocery store. Why would you ever want to eat out of those plastic deli tubs when you could have scratch made jalapeno cheese bread, homemade white bread, and hand crafted sides that were made fresh, just for you, the day of your event?

And no grocery store is going to give you savory, slow-cooked meat that’s prepared just right. Nobody in that deli is going to get up before the dawn to make sure that every bite delights your guests. The grocery store isn’t going to deliver the authentic Texas barbeque flavor that your guests are hoping for when you tell them what you’re going to be serving. In fact, grocery store food is going to look and taste like grocery store food. Transfer that half-dead potato salad to Aunt Maude’s favorite casserole dish all you like…nobody’s going to be fooled.

Besides, you’d still have to go and pick all that lackluster food up. Why deal with the hassle?

Make sure there’s enough food!

Here’s a common scenario. One of our customers calls us up because they’re trying to choose one of our party pack sizes. They’ll say, “This party pack says it feeds thirty people. But I’m going to have 35. Do you think it will have enough food for everyone or do I have to order the next size up?”

It depends. At this point we’ll start asking some questions. What type of event is it? What’s the ratio of women to men? How many children will be there?

Believe it or not, guys and gals eat barbeque a little differently. Men typically pile the meat up high and don’t think much about the people in line behind them, which can mean the person at the end of the line ends hungry.

In fact, the make-up of guys to gals can even impact what you decide to order. Most women won’t eat ribs in public no matter how many moist towelettes you provide. Men will happily tear into them without a care for their suits. There are exceptions to these rules of course, but…you don’t want to bank on them.

The type of event matters too. Is it a bridal shower? A couple’s shower? A daytime office meeting? A dinner at home with the family? All of this impacts how conservative both men and women will be with their plates. Got 35 at an office event full of women who are going to be eating in front of each other? The 30-pack meal might be fine. Got a couple’s shower in your own back yard? Expecting all of the groom’s friends? Order extra food.

Take care of the vegetarians.

There are always one or two vegetarian guests, and they’re not going to have very much fun if they can’t eat anything more than the salad. We offer a baked potato option to make sure events are just as fun for the herbivores as for the carnivores.

Don’t assume that you won’t have any vegetarians. Someone might bring a date that you don’t know very well.

Pay attention to where the meat is to be sliced.

If you want high-quality meat, then you need to make sure the meat is being sliced on site. Most barbeque companies will slice up the meat at the restaurant. Got a six o’clock serve time? Those other restaurants are slicing the meat at three. That gives your meat three hours to sit and dry out.

As Texas Monthly points out, “There are so many ways to screw up a brisket from the time you buy it until they take it off the smoker, so don’t let the last step [slicing] ruin a good thing.” Of course, brisket isn’t the only meat we’re slicing, but the point remains.

Here’s how we handle your meat. We slow cook it at our restaurant. Then we place it in proper, portable containers that keep it nice and hot. We don’t take it out until guests are going through the line. We have a trained block man who knows how to keep that meat nice and moist as it’s sliced right in front of you.

The meat is the crowned jewel of your barbeque event. Don’t ruin it by settling for less than perfection.


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