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Is BBQ Catering Right for a Wedding?

BBQ Catering is Right for a Wedding


Often when we mention that we just finished catering a wedding, we encounter a bit of surprise.

"BBQ? At a wedding? Wouldn't that be a little messy? Isn't that a little strange?"

But not all BBQ is messy! BBQ doesn't have to be eaten with the hands, and it doesn't have to be slathered with so much sauce that everyone needs moist towelettes at the end of the event. Thus, if you love authentic Texas flavors, there is no need to reserve BBQ for graduation parties, family reunions, or company picnics if you don't want to. In fact, there are lots of great ways to incorporate BBQ catering into your wedding, and there are many great reasons to do so.

BBQ weddings are all the rage right now.

BBQ weddings are getting very popular, especially in conjunction with other creative ideas. Check out this list of wedding ideas from The Offbeat Bride to see how other people are combining slow cooked meats with matrimony.

And really, what could be better? Barbeque offers a quintessential feeling: the feeling of coming home. Since you and your significant other will be launching a new life together and building a new home, this type of catering is perfect for your reception.

You can even use a rustic decorating scheme to carry the down home theme even further (though you aren't bound to that). Use Mason jars for glasses, overhead lights, and center pieces. Go for wildflowers over more formal arrangements. Use chalkboards and old fashioned picnic tables to set the tone. Keep it simple, yet beautiful. The effect can be magical.

BBQ gives you some great options for guest favors.

BBQ sauce makes an outstanding party favor. Just grab the sauce of your choice and print out a custom label to reflect your special day. It'll look awesome and it will be the kind of favor your guests will actually want.

Using BBQ catering at a wedding can help you focus on what's important.

Some BBQ weddings even aim to keep things simple and inexpensive for their guests. Here's one Mom's account of her experience with her daughter's wedding, and how her initial stunned reaction turned incredibly positive.

Soon after her announcement, I received an e-mail invitation to a “Barbecue Wedding.” What? No official wedding invitations? The dress is casual, the invitation said. Casual? I read on. Please bring a dish? No filet mignon, or stuffed chicken? I don’t get to stress over shopping for a mother of the bride dress, or my hair? There would be no bridesmaids, no maid of honor, no walk down an aisle, and no father-daughter dance. I was stunned. Why was my sweet baby girl breaking all the traditions?...

As our conversations continued over the next few months, I learned that the goal of the barbecue would be to focus the day on food, family and friends, and to hang out and enjoy each other’s company, while the ceremony would be secondary. I learned that my daughter and her future husband would be returning to the old-fashioned way of simply letting everyone know that they decided to commit themselves to each other... 

...Once I let go of my expectation of a traditional wedding experience, my daughter’s wedding day turned out to be one of the most fun days I’ve had. 

-From: A Thank You to My Daughter for Her Untraditional Wedding

We're not suggesting you have to do a backyard wedding if you want to make BBQ work. You can make it work at all kinds of weddings. This just shows us how meaningful BBQ catering can really be, and how you can think outside of the box to come up with a day that you'll truly love.

It's possible to embrace even the messiest of BBQ foods and make it work.

Some couples actually love messy BBQ, and have found creative ways to embrace it. Check out these creative "Marriage is Messy" moist towelettes given to the guests at one BBQ wedding reception. If you choose to go this route you might want to provide your guests with some bibs, too.

BBQ is more traditional than you think.

BBQ isn't even all that non-traditional. It's more like an idea whose time has come around again. BBQ used to be the go-to celebration style for weddings. In the 1800s you'd only go to a BBQ if you were going to a wedding or to a similar large, important celebration. We didn't start equating BBQ with more casual back yard parties until the 1950s, though Henry Ford started producing the precursor to the portable grills many people use in their yards as early as the 1920s.

It's your party and you can BBQ if you want to.

The truth is, you're living in a great time if you have ever wanted to break all the rules and do weddings your way, as The Offbeat Bride has already shown us. Unconventional weddings are becoming more and more popular, and there's a lot more room to do things your way. Want a wedding pie instead of a wedding cake? There's room for that. Want to get married in space suits or medieval garb? There's room for that too.

So go ahead. Browse a BBQ catering menu and bring the tastes you love to your wedding (or to any other event). It's your big day, and you deserve to enjoy it however you see fit.


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