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4 Things You Need to Know About Catering Your Wedding

Wedding catering by Goode Company Catering

Food critic Josh Ozersky believes “nobody is fed well at a wedding.” But that doesn’t have to be true. You just have to choose caterers who rise to the challenges of delivering mouthwatering food to hundreds of guests.

With everything else going on for your special day, let us worry about the wedding catering. We will ensure no guest goes hungry when Goode Company is in charge of feeding guests well.

1. Set a realistic budget.

Many couples make the mistake of simply pulling a budget number out of the air. Perhaps they assign catering a percentage of what they’ve saved up without ever wondering whether that percentage will be sufficient to cover the quality and quantity of food they wish to order.

We publish our menus online. This allows you to put together a sample order and add up what it will all cost before you commit to a budget. Keep in mind the reception is not necessarily the only thing you might want to cater. You might also want to consider the rehearsal dinner, or a bridal breakfast.

2. Err on the side of too much food.

Hungry guests are unhappy guests. While most people are on their best behavior at weddings, there are always those one or two hearty uncles and in-laws who feel absolutely no shame about piling three or more servings onto their plate. There are some events where you can get away with ordering the 30-serving portion for 35 people. Weddings are not one of those events.

In the unlikely event there are any leftovers, our team is happy to package the additional food and send home with the bride and groom or family of the happy couple.

3. Method matters.

Why do so many caterers deliver food that tastes bland and mass produced? Many caterers try to change up their menus too much. Others simply don’t care enough to do better. Some sneak in canned or frozen dishes you could have come up with yourself. Most rush, trying to minimize their expenditure and maximize their profits.

We believe in the slow-cooked, the handcrafted, and the tried and true. Our menu focuses on the things we do best: tender barbeque brisket, grilled Gulf seafood, sizzling fajitas. Every dish has been tested, tasted, and perfected. We hand-select the freshest ingredients and lovingly make each item from scratch on the day we serve it. Our catering staff is happy to provide you with a professional block man to slice and serve the meat or a trained bartender to delight your guests with a frosty, salty margarita.

When you hire a caterer who cares and takes pride in their work, you gain all the tools you need to surprise and delight your guests.


4. The food is absolutely the thing your guests will remember most.

Decorations, music, and venues set the mood. The ceremony is all about you. But despite having sat through many disappointing receptions in the past, your guests are all secretly hoping the food is amazing.

If it is amazing, they'll have a great time. They'll laugh louder, stay longer, and have the strength to dance the night away. They'll spend years saying, "And the food was absolutely amazing!"

Guarantee great food. Take a peek at some of our menus today. Start fantasizing and planning. Then, give us a call to check our availability. Do this before you set the date so we can help you prepare a glorious reception that will make every last guest glad they came.


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