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4 Reasons to Try Small Plates for Your Next Corporate Catering Event

Corporate Catering

Have your corporate events been stuck in a culinary rut lately? Have even the best buffets and the most scrumptious of spreads begun to blur into one, unappealing mass??

Huge sit-down meals or heavy buffets are fantastic for awards dinners and company picnics, but they can get a bit awkward at seminars and mixers. They also tend to get boring if you rely on them exclusively. Small plates of delectable appetizers offer an alternative, one that many corporate event planners tend to overlook.

Here are 4 reasons to change it up at your next business function.

1. Variety makes life a little easier and a lot more interesting.

Planning a menu that appeals to everyone’s individual tastes is tough. Even when you serve amazing food, you run the risk of creating a menu which displeases someone, whether it’s the vegetarian from Accounting or that fellow in Sales who gets indigestion from anything spicy.

Laying out a variety of delicious small appetizer plates, however, is easy. One guest will go mad for mesquite smoked turkey sliders on freshly-baked jalapeño cheese bread, especially when dipped into a bold barbeque sauce whipped up from an old family recipe. Another will close her eyes in delight when she bites into dill-fried oysters which have been hand-battered and quick-fried right on site. A third will be delighted by our top-shelf guacamole made from fresh avocados. Meanwhile, some guests will flit from dish-to-dish, having a wonderful time as they taste everything you’ve put out for them.

2. Small plates help you create a beautiful buffet space.

As Bizbash notes, you have a lot of room to get creative with small plates. Serve the plates on tiers; make them part of the décor, or set up themed stations. You’re limited only by your creativity.

3. Your guests will absolutely love them.

Many restaurants and bars are completely revamping their operations to revolve around small plates. In a restaurant setting, small plates are meant to inspire conversation while encouraging guests to share satisfying taste experiences, all without becoming overfed.

In a corporate setting, small plates allow guests to graze while they are attending a training session, or to network without feeling as though they must focus so closely on their table manners.

They’re popular because guests often feel satisfied after a few small tastes here and there, along with a signature drink from the bar. Nobody will walk away from the event feeling over-stuffed or under-fed, self-conscious about how much they ate or irritated because they watched someone in line take triple the normal portions without regard for anyone else in the room.

Thus, appetizer plates keep the atmosphere pleasant and appropriately casual.

4. We make appetizers epic.

This strategy won’t work if you try to do it halfway. You can’t expect to set out a bunch of congealing deviled eggs, grocery store cheeses, stale crackers, or a wilting bowl of fruit if you want to get results. You can’t stick tomatoes and mozzarella balls on a skewer, throw a bunch of balsamic vinegar over them, and expect people to get excited, either. Look, we can all spot deli food or amateur potluck food like that from a mile away.

If you want to impress your attendees, you’ll need real, high-quality, restaurant-grade appetizers that linger in memory but which would be difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate at home. You need spices that dance on your tongue, flavors that surprise and delight, and a few classics that make everyone at your event thank their lucky stars they live and work in the great state of Texas.

We put in all that time, effort, and care so you don’t have to. We make onion buns from scratch and pull them fresh from the oven on the day of your event. We slow-smoke the meat for sliders and slice it to order. We treat each appetizer plate as an expression of our craft, not just a way to fill hungry bellies.

Want to choose appetizer plates for your next event? Take a look at our menu!


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