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Which banquet halls in Houston have you worked with in the past?

We have an extensive list of preferred venues we have catered at throughout the Houston area. There's a range of sizes and include both formal and casual settings.

A few options include:

  • McGovern Centennial Gardens
  • The Gallery
  • Station 3
  • Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Houston has a wide range of event venues—from restaurants and hotels to museums and nightclubs. For a comprehensive guide of Houston event venues, visit the Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau.



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Do you have tips for choosing a venue?

If you are looking to save some money, choose a venue that will allow you to bring in your own vendors. You can pick your favorite caterer, photographer or band.

Choose a venue that fits your theme. Consider whether you would prefer an indoor or outdoor setting, and a casual or elegant atmosphere. Also, find a venue that can easily accommodate your guests. Consider how many people will attend the event and choose a venue that is neither too big nor too small.



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Can you help me book the venue?

We'd be happy to help. We have an extensive list of preferred venues we have catered at throughout the Houston area.

When booking a venue, try to plan ahead. Choose a date and keep in mind that certain seasons and days of the week tend to fill up more quickly.

Find out what it costs to book the venue, and be aware of the venue's cancellation policy. Note that you may be required to pay deposits, extra fees, or buy insurance in order to book the venue. Find out if there are any discounts offered for booking during a weeknight or during the off-season.




  • Written by: Lauren P.

    "Goode Catering really made my outdoor wedding extra special. The food was great and everything stayed on schedule. We couldn't have been happier."

  • Written by: Steven R.

    "We use Goode Catering for a monthly luncheon at my office. They are always on time and super easy to work with."

  • Written by: Brenda R.

    The party was a huge success. Your group did a wonderful job of setting up and serving the guests and of course, the food was excellent!

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