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Food Trends That Never Go Out of Style


Artisanal craftsmanship.  Food with a compelling story.  Local sourcing.  According to the National Restaurant Association, chefs expect these emerging trends to continue. Homemade touches, locally-sourced ingredients and interactive menus are also having an impact.

What never goes out of style is an emphasis on high-quality food that’s grown, prepared and served with a strong sense of history, place, integrity and accountability.

How can you recognize a quality lunch catering event that adheres to these standards? Here’s how Houston-based Goode Company Catering builds quality into its events.

Authentic Texas Cuisine

There’s nothing contrived or artificial about Goode Company’s food and flavors.  It’s based on tried-and-true family recipes that reflect Texas’ melting pot of influences. With an impressive array of diverse dishes, you can select from Czech sausage, Mexican fajitas, Southern sides, Texas BBQ, Gulf Coast seafood and other regional favorites. They’ve been cooking over mesquite for 38 years and are known for the sweet smell and unique flavor that this Texas wood yields.

Food with a Story

Deconstructed food. Miniaturized food. Foams. Molecular gastronomy. While these may have found fleeting fame among the trendy, it’s the classics that endure. Food that has a compelling story helps guests connect with the meal and even learn a little bit of history at the same time.

That’s where an experienced caterer like Goode Company truly shines. Whether it’s the Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie made from grandmother’s recipe or Texas chili (bean-free, of course), each dish comes from a time-honored Goode family recipe. You can even get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the real work that’s involved when you add an oyster shucking station to your event.

Goode Company food creates a link with the past.  It conjures up lazy days at the beach, grilling with friends and all the fun and great memories of Southern family reunions.  Each and every component of a Goode Catering menu speaks to the integrity of the company as a whole, building on a culinary legacy that’s become a classic throughout Houston and beyond.

Keep It Simple

If company founder Jim Goode wouldn’t recognize it, Goode Company doesn’t use it. Period. He used only the finest ingredients in his spices, rubs, pies and other dishes – and Goode Company continues to uphold his standards.

That’s why they still use mesquite wood for its signature smoked meats. Jalapeño cheese bread is baked fresh daily. Ditto for the French bread and onion buns. In fact, the company’s commissary is a whirlwind of activity each morning with scratch-made stocks simmering and herbs being de-stemmed by hand.

Goode Company Catering slices meat at the very last moment to retain every drop of its juicy flavor. Oysters are served fresh out of the fryer and mesquite quail go right from the grill to you.  It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Venison from Broken Arrow Ranch in Ingram. Pecans from the Brazos River region. The list goes on and on.

While your guests may not know how much effort goes into sourcing the freshest Gulf Coast seafood or the plumpest Texas quail, they’re sure to taste it in every mouthwatering forkful of their Goode Company meal.

Made from Scratch

Freezers are for making ice, not for high-quality food. For food that’s freshly handcrafted, look to Goode Company Catering.  Its long-tenured employees have years of experience in preparing fresh cuisine and serving it with a heaping dose of genuine Southern hospitality.


Why not have some fun with your food? You can be the boss with Goode Company’s build-your-own guacamole bar. Select from a dazzling array of freshly-prepared add-ins to create your personalized serving of guacamole.

Nostalgic Foods

Certain foods are associated with good memories. Whether it’s your aunt’s apple pie or your uncle’s slow-smoked ribs, most people have sentimental favorites. Simple, recognizable food that’s been carefully handcrafted and skillfully presented can contribute to a comfortable atmosphere for a special event. These classics have broad appeal and can help reinforce a heritage theme for your event.

Brand Integrity

Goode Company customers will testify to its authenticity as a purveyor of genuine Texas fare.

You’ll also hear about the seven restaurants, its e-commerce branch, its live music venue – and the catering that brings it all together. Goode Catering covers all the bases and can provide a turnkey event, from planning to setup and service to clean-up. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy being in Goode hands.



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