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8 Reasons to Use BBQ Catering For Your Upcoming Event

Spring comes with plenty of opportunities to socialize. Easter, graduations, weddings, company picnics, and a host of other events are great times spent together. And if you're planning to hold any of these events outdoors, hosting a barbeque is sure to add an extra layer of excitement.

But do you really feel like getting stuck with food preparation, serving, and cleanup, while your guests are having all the fun? Hire Goode Company Catering to handle your BBQ catering!

Of course, not all catering companies are created equal: some may provide food but not service, while others will bring defrosted fare to the table. BBQ catering is tricky business, especially in the great state of Texas where many consider themselves to be experts and connoisseurs of the pit and grill, and finding a barbeque caterer who cares as much about the quality of the food as you do can be even trickier.

1) Get Suggestions About the Menu:

Consider your audience, their preferences, and the setting. If you've rented a large venue, your caterers will have space to prep and serve a variety of delicacies, while you may want to scale back on variety if you're holding your event in a small backyard.

Will you be serving seafood? Beef? Both? When you work with an experienced barbeque catering company like Goode Company Catering, our expertise can help you plan the perfect menu.

2) Plan for the Event Easily:

A catering company does more than just bring the food. From the equipment to the service, Goode Company Catering can help you plan the entire event. We can recommend the layout, rent linens, tableware and even secure the entertainment.

3) Skip the Food Preparation:

If you've ever hosted an event where you took care of all the food preparation and cooking yourself, you already know it takes days of strenuous effort. At Goode Company Catering, we do the heavy lifting for you. Entrust the hard work to us—from toiling over the flames to slicing and serving the smoked brisket, ribs or sausage. Now you can focus on sending out invitations, decorating your party space, or kicking up your feet for a little rest prior to the big event.

4) The Freshness Factor:

Goode Company Catering is famous for serving up the tastiest barbeque in town. Our mesquite-smoked meats arrive ready-to-slice and serve fresh to your guests. We take care to slowly cook our meat in smokers that have been burning since ’77. After all, we want you to experience the full, rich flavor of our briskets and homemade sausages—a flavor that simply cannot be replicated on a grill. Don't worry, though. We go to great lengths to ensure that the smoked meats stay fresh, hot and moist during transport.

5) Offer Appetizers with Ease:

When your guests arrive, their appetites may already be growing and they're likely ready for a bite. Goode Company Catering offers include a variety of appetizers for your event, so your guests won't go hungry for long. Forget the crackers and cheese! Instead, think delicately nuanced seafood campechana and savory, bacon-wrapped shrimp. Choose from a lineup of mouthwatering appetizers that will leave guests clamoring for more.

6) Fun and Games:

When you don’t have to cook, you can enjoy the great outdoors with your guests. Games are a fun part of most outdoor events. Play a round of croquet, take a dip in the pool, or organize a game of flag football on the lawn. Even adults can try their hand at three-legged races, beanbag tosses, or badminton. As the host, you'll have time to participate in the fun activities while the Goode Company Catering staff works its magic. As an added plus, all this action helps you work up an appetite for the wonderful meal we're about to bring to the table.

7) Offer Bar Service:

Bar service is a nice touch your adult guests will enjoy. You can select an assortment of bar options. Enjoy wine and Texas beers or take it up a notch with a full bar and specialty cocktails. Most caterers offer different levels of bar service to help fit this option into your budget. Such as, having passed drinks to allow your guests to sit back and relax with you.

8) Enjoy the Food!:

Probably the best reason to hire Goode Company Catering to handle BBQ catering is simply the food. Ample choices, food of the highest quality, served by professional staff... it all works together for an unforgettable experience. Our full-service catering packages also include setup and take down. All you have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy the evening and wait fir the rave reviews.


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