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6 Occasions that Merit BBQ Delivery

The word "barbeque" evokes memories of summer feasts and fun. Whether your barbeques were backyard family affairs or the highlight of a city-wide gathering, you can look back at them as some of the best and most delicious times of your life. But with all the hustle and bustle of modern times, it's hard to find the time and energy to prepare a real barbeque with all of the fixings.

Thank goodness for Goode Company Catering! We live in a time where you can have a complete barbeque meal delivered straight to your doorstep. Simply place an order online, or over the phone, and we'll bring your order right to you. Enjoy a slab of ribs with a few  friends or bring a whole brisket to carve at the neighborhood potluck—there's no wrong time for barbeque delivery.

While it's hard to imagine a time when ribs, sausage or brisket isn't welcomed, here are the top 6 occasions that definitely call for a barbeque delivery infused with our legendary mesquite-smoked flavor.

1) Celebrate the End of the School Year:

The last day of school is always special, whether you have a college student who hasn't been home in a semester or a first grader who's survived the first year.

Why not have some barbeque sent to the house to celebrate the occasion? Kick off the season of watering holes, ice cream trucks and fire flies with another Texas tradition—some Goode old-fashioned barbeque.

2) Fuel While You Cheer on Your Team:

Just because pizza, for some, is the default sustenance during any important televised sports highlight, doesn't mean you have to follow suit. After all, you know that over-processed carbs only make you feel lethargic and sleepy, and you definitely wouldn't want to find yourself nodding off in the middle of the game—or during its crucial last minutes.

So what keeps you pumped throughout and alert for overtime? A stack of our extra juicy and extra meaty pork ribs. They'll keep you protein-fueled without weighing you down, and are perfect for the man cave because, you know...finger food!

3) Commemorate a Big Game:

Few things thrill a parent's heart more than the sight of their child on the field or the court. And regardless of the final score, we know that the hard work and dedication every team puts in (yes, mom, even the opponents!) deserves to be rewarded.

We suggest ordering up a big box of barbeque to keep the heat and passion for the sport going. Not only will it help muscles heal and grow with plenty of protein, but it'll automatically put you in the running for "Coolest Parent on the Team". Score.

4) Save Your Cookout From Inclement Weather: 

You can spend hours coordinating schedules for a backyard barbeque only to have all your plans washed out in a matter of minutes. Those unpredictable Houston thunderstorms sure come out of nowhere sometimes, dump a few inches of rain in an hour, before once again making way for steamy Texas heat and humidity.

Instead of cancelling the party you and your guests have been looking forward to for weeks, why not roll with the punches and move the party indoors? This is no time for defeat! Whether you were planning to serve sausage, ribs, brisket, or a little bit of everything, Goode Company Catering has you covered.

Sure the rain put a damper on your cookout—but only temporarily. Nothing can stop us from delivering fresh barbeque straight to you.

5) Welcome Family or Friends Back Home:

Ask any returning Texan what they missed most while away and a proper meal is probably high on the list. Things just taste different at home, and any self-respecting Houstonian is sure to spread the lore of delicious Texas barbeque wherever they go. It's one of the things the Lone Star State is famous for the world over—our barbeque really is the stuff of legends.

A true barbeque requires hours of prepping and smoking—hours you'd probably rather spend catching up with your guests. Goode Company Catering can help. Leave the barbequeing to us and you can enjoy both—a quality meal, and quality time. With each juicy bite releasing an explosion of flavor that comes from hours of slow smoking, you and your guests can enjoy the best flavors of Texas.

6) For a Romantic Dinner at Home:

Sometimes you want a date night without having to battle traffic, find parking, or stand in line at the movie theater. Sometimes you just want to gaze at each other in the intimate atmosphere of your own dining room, toast each other in private, and forget the world around you. So...did you know barbeque delivery from Goode Company Catering and candlelight go together like peanut butter and jelly? Yep, it's true.

Texans love their barbeque, that's a fact. But they're also romantics and poets at heart. What could be better than the smoked brisket you love, the warm glow of candles, and the person you adore across the table? It's a winning combination.

Goode Company Catering delivers the finest barbeque around the Houston area. Our delivery menus serve anywhere from 4-50 people—perfect for any size gathering. Place an order online or call us at 713-224-6633! We also offer full-service catering for weddings, graduations, and other special occasions.


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