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5 Ways to Make the Mornings Better with Breakfast Catering


Better morning with Breakfast catering

You've probably had more people than you can count tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And they're right -- a delicious breakfast packed with nutrients can give you the fuel you need to perform to your full potential.

And when it comes to an early morning meeting or an all day networking event, a good breakfast is extra important for boosting morale and keeping productivity flowing throughout the day. So why is it that corporate breakfast catering always seems limited to stale pastries, bagels, and lukewarm coffee? Not only will these meager offerings make you yawn from boredom, but they'll also send you into a processed carb coma that will have you nodding off throughout the day.

At Goode Company Catering, our professional staff have tasted and tested a breakfast menu that is not only packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals you need, but is also full of fresh flavors that will really wake you up and get you going. As for our coffee? We grind it so you get the bold, rich flavors that will get you revved up for the day's work. So the next time you have an important meeting early in the AM or need to get your team roused and ready for game time, consider these delicious options from Goode Company Catering.

1) Protein that will fill you up without weighing you down:

We believe in cooking with real ingredients -- not stuff out of a box -- which is why all of our delicious egg dishes start with farm fresh eggs sourced from local farmers. Using these as a base, we add juicy chunks of our homemade Mexicana sausage, crispy fried potatoes, and strips of our homemade tortillas rubbed with our special chile spice blend. From our migas to huevos con papas y chorizo or our huevos con tocino, all of our dishes are cooked to order on site, so feel free to ask for some extra sausage, a little more potato, or a big portion of everything!

2) Food prepared from scratch, on site:

If you're serious about Tex-Mex cuisine, you'll know that nothing can match the smell or taste of a fresh, hot tortilla. The fragrance and savory flavor of floury tortillas combined with its velvety texture takes breakfast burritos and tacos to a whole other level. That's why our breakfast catering teams always include a prep cook who cooks fresh, homemade tortillas on site.

You'll also see us dicing up fresh vegetables and herbs for pico de gallo, fluffing just-cooked Mexican rice, and stirring up creamy batches of our delicious refried beans. We cook everything on site, from scratch. When we arrive, we'll be bringing nothing but our equipment, farm fresh ingredients, and our decades of experience.

You see -- we don't believe in cutting corners or serving stale food any more than you believe in pitching stale business plans.

3) Full catering service:

We know that everyone has lived through at least one breakfast catering nightmare. Whether yours involves mold on a bagel, burning your fingers on a flimsy paper coffee cup, or finding yourself surrounded with dirty plates and cutlery, it can be discouraging to have your caterer drop off your order and leave everything else up to you.

At Goode Company Catering, we make sure that our breakfast catering service is on par with our restaurant service. We provide full service breakfast catering, starting with the set up all the way down to the clean up. Our service team has been trained to work together seamlessly and inconspicuously so that you can concentrate on networking and enjoying all of the delicious flavors on your plate.

4) Drinks that won't let you down:

We know that many of you take your coffee very seriously, which is why we have to wonder: why on earth would anyone settle for warmed over coffee that's been sitting in the pot for hours? We certainly wouldn't, which is why we grind your coffee beans to order. We also serve our coffee chuckwagon style, the way the cowboys did it before the era of Starbucks and coffee-induced heartburn. For those of you who've never had chuckwagon coffee before, we boil it smooth to get rid of all the acidity that can make coffee taste bitter. We promise you it'll be one of the smoothest, richest cups you've ever tasted, and our only secret is that we make it fresh and make it right.

The same goes for our orange juice. We serve it freshly squeezed, without any chemicals or preservatives because real orange juice doesn't need any.

5) A Little Something Sweet:

Chances are, even after such a satisfying breakfast, you may find yourself hankering for just a little something sweet. So instead of running to the vending machine for a candy bar, why not enjoy one of our creamy, crunchy pralines or split a piece of our famous Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie with a colleague? Both are packed with pecans, which nutritionists have continuously praised as a super food that gets your brain waves going. Besides -- both are a delicious nibble to enjoy with a cup of our coffee and they're sure to bring a sweet note to the rest of your day.


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