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5 Ways BBQ Delivery Makes for an Unforgettable Memorial Day

A true Southern barbeque is an experience without compare. It's a time-honored tradition that brings together friends and family to enjoy a day outdoors and enjoy satisfying meaty goodness that smells delicious, looks great, and tastes even better.

At least, that's how you want your guests to remember your upcoming Memorial Day barbeque. But if you're the host, you know that a barbeque in true Texas style also requires days of planning and coordinating schedules, hours of preparing side dishes and spending the holiday tending the pit and grill. In fact, you may worry that the preparations, cooking, and clean-up will exhaust you to a point where you'll barely have the time or the energy to partake in the festivities.

For those of you who want to plan a Memorial Day barbeque you can actually enjoy with your guests, Goode Company Catering's barbeque delivery service may be the answer.

1) You won't have to worry about toiling over the pit and grill for hours:

We all know that even the brightest, crispest shirts can quickly become dingy when you're stuck with grilling duty. The heat can wreak even more havoc on your hair and quickly melt away any traces of the makeup you took pains to apply. But that doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to looking as cooked as your barbeque.

Instead, have your ribs, briskets and sausage delivered by Goode Company Catering. It'll arrive fresh from our smokers and full of that mesquite flavor we're famous for. Then, enjoy as-is or slightly warmed up for any stragglers arriving late. Serving barbeque has never been quicker, easier, or more delicious.

2) Prepping your meal becomes our concern:

Even among the best of friends, hosting a barbeque requires plenty of planning and setup. You'll want to make sure there are fresh towels in the guest bathroom, plenty of cold drinks, and enough seating and settings for your visitors. Why not let Goode Company Catering take some of the burden off your shoulders by taking charge of the food prep?

Our team of pit masters and chefs will patrol and supervise the smokers for hours to make sure we deliver nothing but the highest quality of barbequed meats, along with your favorite side dishes made from scratch. Whether you're in the mood for creamy potato salad or jambalaya  jam-packed with flavor, we'll have it ready for you to enjoy. And since we've often been told that our home-made baked goods are out of this world, our in-house bakers are on standby to send over a plenty of freshly-baked jalapeño cheese bread or onion buns.

So concentrate on everything else but the cooking; we have it covered.

3) Cleanup will be a snap:

When you're handling the cooking, cleaning up can be as stressful as the prep. Not only are you exhausted after a long day of festivities, but you also have to deal with the mess that inevitably goes hand-in-hand with all that prepping, grilling and serving.

Get your barbeque delivered to your door and put up your tired feet. No cooking means much less of a mess. In fact, all you'll probably have to do is throw out the well-picked bones and empty containers that are testimony to how much everyone enjoyed your barbeque!

4) Even our leftovers will keep beautifully:

As delicious as our barbeque tastes when it's devoured on the spot, you'll find that it's equally good when you polish off the leftovers over the next couple of days. That's because nothing but the freshest and best ingredients go into our cooking. So feel free to send each of your guests home with a little box of leftovers—or keep them all for yourself! Make a leftover smoked brisket sandwich or add a little bit of our Czech sausage to a breakfast taco. Our pies can also be frozen and warmed up in the oven (or microwave!) or stashed in the fridge and served with a dollop of cream.

5) From drinks to dessert—we deliver!:

We believe in delivering the same quality of food we serve in our restaurants. That's why we include your favorite Goode treats in our delivery options—such as our stuffed baked potatoes and our award-winning Brazos Bottom Pecan Pies—on our delivery menus. If native Houstonians are on the guest list for your Memorial Day barbeque, chances are you'll hear lots of happy exclamations when you announce that the afternoon's goodies are delivered by Goode Company Catering. After all, with decades of experience in the Houston restaurant industry, it's hard to find a group that doesn't include some of our longtime patrons.

To make your party planning even easier, our delivery options also include sodas, bottled waters, and iced tea, so no one has to interrupt the afternoon for a beverage run.

What are you waiting for? Hurry and order your Memorial Day barbeque from Goode Company Catering today!


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