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4 Ways to Celebrate National Barbeque Month with BBQ Delivery

With April showers tapering off and May flowers starting to show their faces, it's the beginning of one of the most delicious months of the year -- National Barbeque Month! And while we would all love to plan an outdoor grilling session, complete with a cooler full of ice cold drinks and a self proclaimed pit master, the truth is that we may not have the time, space, or ideal weather conditions. So what does that mean for you? Put your feet up and put in a BBQ delivery order with Goode Company Catering. Whether you're picturing a cozy, candelit barbeque dinner for two or a full-on barbeque party for the entire block, we can make your meatiest dreams come true. So instead of planning the shopping, prepping and cooking, try one of our favorite ways to celebrate National Barbeque Month:

1. Throw a Finals Party for your kids:

With the weather growing warmer and summer vacation just around the corner, your kids are bound to get antsy during their last few weeks of school. Unfortunately, there's no way for them – or you – to get around final exams. So instead of nagging your kids to study harder or limiting the time they get to hang out, why not organize a Finals Study Party with BBQ delivery for your kids and their friends? They can review, quiz each other, and push each other to do better. If that doesn't get your kids excited, the promise of a big box of delicious smoked ribs and juicy brisket at the end of the day is bound to get their brain juices flowing.

2. Have a Guy's Night:

If you're a happily married man (who wants to stay happily married), you know that one of the secrets to a happy wife is the occasional Ladies Night Out when she can enjoy an evening with her friends. Without you or the kids. But this doesn't mean that you have to resign yourself to an evening of watching Dora the Explorer or coaxing your kids into eating their vegetables. Instead, call for BBQ delivery, invite the other dads on duty to bring their kids over and share some of ribs or a deliciously smoked brisket. You'll also find that a whole group of kids is more likely to keep one other entertained and that none of them are going to refuse a brisket sandwich or an onion bun filled with slices of hand-stuffed Czech sausage. They'll even eat our creamy, crunchy coleslaw without realizing that its filled with vegetables that are good for them!

3. Throw a Block Party:

Our busy lives can sometimes get in the way of getting to know our neighbors. We don't mean exchanging the occasional "hello" or high-five. We mean getting to know your neighbors well enough that you can arrange car pools, have cocktail hours, and borrow an egg or cup of sugar. And if you're wondering how to break the ice, we suggest organizing a National Barbeque Month block party for the entire neighborhood. All you need to do is get BBQ delivery from Goode Company Catering to satiate all of your guests. And if they think you prepared the meat yourself, why correct them?

4. Have a Romantic Dinner In:

There's something special about preparing a meal for someone, but we also know that it's easier said than done. So instead of prepping your meal or worrying about the mess after, why not have the Goodes brought to your door with BBQ delivery?

5) Plan a Graduation Party:

Take a look at our delicious BBQ delivery menu. Reasonably priced and unbelievably delicious, Goode Company Catering doesn't cut any corners when it comes to preparing and delivering a delicious meal to wherever you're hosting your party. Whether you're holding it at your home, in your school's cafeteria, or at the local community center, we'll be there with a meal worth celebrating.


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