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10 Ways Lunch Catering Can Save the Day

When you're participating in an all-day conference or attending yet another corporate event, you just know how things will play out: everyone will arrive eager and energized only to slowly lose momentum as the day grinds on. Sure, you get a catered lunch break that's supposed to revitalize you, but let's be honest—there's nothing very motivating about a deli platter of cold, soggy sandwiches and a box of cookies that taste as bland as the factory they were mass-produced in.

Now, compare that scenario to one where Goode Company takes over the reins for lunch catering. We start with the prep work, giving you colorful glimpses of the treat you're about to enjoy. Then we start cooking. The air fills with the delicious sights, sounds and smells of fajitas sizzling, burgers grilling, and seafood frying until it reaches that perfect, crunchy golden-brown hue. The scent alone is invigorating and you suddenly realize that you're famished.

After you finish your meal, you'll go on with your day in a happy mood, satisfied and motivated for the next round of strategy sessions and sales meetings.

How do we turn your catered lunch into an empowering one? By executing our tried-and-true plan for delicious success:

1) Prepared from scratch and cooked onsite: 

Our motto is that a meal is only as good as the ingredients that go into it, which is why we prepare our menus with the freshest ingredients onsite as much as possible. This means we don't have to use preservatives—we know everything will be devoured minutes after we make it!

We're proud to have strong partnerships with local providers who share our work ethic, so we can confidently tell you all about where the ingredients for our meals are sourced, from the bacon-wrapped quail, to our large Gulf shrimp, and our venison in-between. Our confidence in our ingredients and kitchen skills means we're comfortable doing all of our cooking in front of our guests. While you're busy working up an appetite, we work our magic for your lunch catering.

2) Professionally trained servers:

During a working lunch, you're bound to spend the hour chatting with your colleagues or networking with new acquaintances. It's your chance to relax a bit while getting to know the people around you a little better.

No one understands this better than Goode Company Catering, which is why all our catered lunches are fully served by our professional staff. Well-versed in the art of seamless service, our staff clears used plates and cleans up without interrupting your conversations. Our catering team is dedicated to bringing you not only top-notch food to a lunch catering, but also the top-notch service that should go right along with it.

3) A little something for everyone:

Lunch should be delicious and filling without weighing you down. After all, your lunch break is supposed to revitalize you, not leave you longing for a nap!

This is why Goode Company Catering's menus include options with smaller-sized portions for those who prefer to nibble and graze. Our clients have raved over our refreshingly zesty campechana and our irresistibly crispy fried shrimp and empanadas.

We also offer bite-sized brisket, turkey, and prime rib sliders, so you can indulge your taste buds without having to loosen your belt afterward!

Guests with heartier appetites, on the other hand, can build their own super-burgers. With mesquite-grilled burger or savory fajitas serving as the centerpiece, you're invited to pile on all your favorite fixings.

And for those occasions when you need to pull out all the stops, we carve a mean prime rib and grill some of the most flavorful rib-eye steaks you will ever taste, paired with your choice of side dishes.

Complete your meal with one of our award-winning pies and a nice finish with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and you'll find yourself ready to get back to business.

4) We experiment with our menus—but only on ourselves:

If you're wondering how we manage to get everything just right, we'll let you in on our secret: everything we serve our guests has been tasted and tested by us over multiple trials. Every item on our catering menu is put to the test in several different scenarios—from the indoors to the outdoors, from backyards to boardrooms—in order to learn how we can get the prep, the cooking, and the serving just right. We leave nothing to chance. Why would we, when we know we can make it perfect?

When we tell you we'd never serve you something we wouldn't eat ourselves, we really mean it. We've tried it, liked it, and approved it for our menu.

5) Hitting the perfect pitch:

Whether your event is elegant, easygoing, or an indescribable combination of both, we can work with you to choose the perfect lunch catering menu. Our repertoire of successful events includes everything from formal wedding receptions to graduation parties. We can help you determine what type of menu will work best in your space and be best received by your participants based on their demographics and our decades of experience. With Goode Company Catering, catered lunches are sure to become the highlight of all your events.


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